When the People says “Beach” then you mostly think about of yellow and white sand, rolling waves, bright sunlight and also have a beer or fruity cocktail. But in some, how Beaches come in for many different shapes or colors than some of us might have been expectes. That the best most striking differences in many of the beaches are there different sand color.

Basically, sand is formed out of whatever the waves happen in the banging in the shore, like rocks, shells, corals, or glass. Many of them hold olivine, that is a remnant of volcano eruptions, and also have the black beaches which are generally formed by volcanic remnants.

In the world, there are many beaches that attract you. In below there is some list of Beaches are as follow:-

Dune Du Pyla- France

Dune Du Pyla, France

Dune Du Pyla, France

Pyla Beach in France is Europe’s tallest dune. It can approx over 100 meters tallest. Basically, the Distance is an hour’s drive from Bordeaux and is literally dazzling. I think, your eyes are the shield as much from the shimmering heat haze as the pristine sand. You can take a ferry from Arcachon pier to cap Ferret for the best view of the dune. Pyla beach holds all the beauty in its, that a traveler or visitor wants.

To eat, Beach is full of foods you can only head to the oyster cabanes, where fishermen are set the tables and he will serve the dishes like oysters, prawns, Pate, bread and rose wine.

Glass Beach- California


Glass Beach, California

That beach is located on the Mendocino coast in California. Beach are made from years of dumped litter sounds that like the hellhole, But the overall result is beach is quite beautiful. In the year 1906 to 1967, glass appliances or even the vehicles are chucked into the sea. But In a clean-up program, the metal and non-metal biodegradable waste are removed, and the waves have broken the glass and pottery that is washed like a jewel in translucent stones. In today, Glass Beach is the part of Mackerricher state park.  

Flamenco Beach- Puerto Rico


Flamenco Beach is situated in the east coast of Puerto Rico. It is designed as the perfect Tropical Beach on Culebra Island. This beach is  U-shaped and covered by the white sand, warm turquoise water, Palm trees or lush vegetation and lagoons. Beach has quite basic, with showers that are open only for three hours a day, but you can pitch your tent under the mangroves, you can stock up on water, and also have the local snacks. This gives you a memorable memory that you should never forget it.

St George Beach- Naxos, Greece

St George Beach, Naxos, Greece

St George Beach, Naxos, Greece

Greece has a collection of gorgeous beaches. St George Beach is mostly warm, and shallow of water is best for paddling and snorkeling but there’s are a lot to keep older children happy, too. That beach is the most tourist attraction in Greece. George beach is lined up with laid-back tavernas and clubs which are hired out the sun loungers. This beach counts as one of the best for families all over the world. St George Beach is within a five-minute distance of Naxos Town (Chora). Spend your days in George beach are never forgot, You will always remember that day.

Es Grau- Menorca


Es Grau is located on the northeast coast in Menorca. That beach is a horse-shaped beach and it widely popular for a day trip. If you escape the crowds, there is a tranquil bay of natural that is undeveloped backdrop is like a vast, shallow paddling pool and you can also hire kayaks and paddle-boards from locals that are Menorca en Kayak. This beach is the most gorgeous and family friendly beach in Menorca.

Sabang Beach- Philippines

The Philippines is a collection of gorgeous beaches, with above than 7,000 islands and approx of 22,000 miles of the coast. In the Philippines, One of the most beautiful beaches is Sabang Beach, Situated in western Palawan, Philippine. Sabang is a Tropical Beach, It gets thousand of Travellers and Visitors in the whole year.

Philippines is also world famous for its tattoos, if you want to know about them then click here.

Sabang Beach, Philippines

Sabang Beach, Philippines

In Sabang, Colorful and noisy Banca boats take tourists to the handful of resorts. But in around of Peninsula to the north that a pristine shore awaits. This beach is widely famous for its beauty all over the world.

Arpoador and Rio de Janeiro- Brazil

Home to two world-famous beaches in Rio. Arpoador is situates in the eastern tip, that is in a rocky headland and it offers the stunning views of all the length of Ipanema to the Dois Irmaos Hills in the west.

Arpoador and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arpoador and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is one of the best places for a sundowner. Some favorite spot with surfers, It is more perfect for a moonlit dip in Rio’s sweltering Summers. That is strange the two are rarely found side by side. Both beaches are perfect for Families to enjoy your holiday.

Baga and Calangute Beach- India

Goa is a tiny emerald land situates on the west coast of India. Beaches of Goa is famous worldwide. In a survey, Report says that 90% of tourism in Goa is happening for its beautiful beaches that are in coastal areas. In Goa,

There are two most famous beaches are:

1.Baga Beach

2.Calangute Beach

Goa, India

Goa, India

Season of tourist in Goa are basically Two:- Winter and summer

In the time of Winter tourists are basically from aboard, mainly from Europe and come to Goa and enjoy the splendid climate, and In the time of summer Tourist from across India come to spend the holidays.

Kalanggaman Island- Philippines

The Philippines is wide calls for its gorgeous beaches. Kalanggaman Island is located in the Leyte and it is stretch of white beach, where you can relax. In the month of may, I visit the Island and actually I feel like a castaway.

Kalanggaman Island, Philippines

Kalanggaman Island, Philippines

Basically, the time was taken as 24 hours by the land trip, but if you will want to travel by Plane through Tacloban you just need to take a ride of a van for 4 hours. This island has many beautiful beaches that capture your eyes, and the memories of that vacation you should never be forgotten.

Whitehaven Beach- Australia

This Whitehaven Beach is made up of swirls of white sand and aqua water. The important fact of that beach is, Sand of this beach is composes of 98% silica. That composition is making its some of the whitest on earth, and the coolest. The sand of the beach it doesn’t hot in the light of the sun.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

If you are able to afford a seaplane or a helicopter then you ride over Whitehaven Beach and make your way to the Tounge Point Where a trail leads to a lookout.

Fulhadhoo Beach- Maldives

Fulhadhoo Beach,Maldives

Fulhadhoo Beach, Maldives

The Maldives commonly calls for its beaches. In Maldives approx than 1600 Beaches, and one of the most popular Beach is Fulhadhoo. This Beach is also calling as the piece of paradise lost in the azure waters of the “Indian Ocean”. In the Maldives, there are many resorts and hotel to stay near the beaches to enjoy the moment. Fulhadhoo Beach is a snow-white sand Beach, and it is surrounds by coconut palms, View of beach is captures your eyes and you never forget the memories of that trip.

Over the years’ beach tourism has swiftly grownup for many regions and countries all over the world. Most people want to spend their leisure time (leisure can be described as free time has no obligation or compulsion.It should be fun, enjoyable and pleasurable) at their favorite beach. On this blog, I just put my beach idea and think you will love it also you can plan for a party with your family or friends to take a beach memorable experience.