When on a vacation, the first thing comes to mind for everyone is to plan a visit famous Hills in the world. Hills or Mountains is a place where the heart feels like returning again and over again. The vast expanse of greenery and the endless beauty of its weather and climate makes every person crave for a visit.

We will describe some hill station in the world. I think that would you like to go to this place.

Famous Hills in the world is-

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a federal capital of  Malaysia. The biggest city of Malaya culture. It knows as a melting pot of Malaya. Kuala Lumpur is a popular tourist place, it provides many facilities like inexpensive shopping etc. Kuala Lumpur hill station is not an old city. But it provide many modern and cultural facility.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Suitable month to visit

Traveling for Kuala Lumpur in a summer month. After a  short drive, you will reach Kuala Lumpur. In Kuala Lumpur hill station the best place is camrune highlands. After spend some moment and to see all the natural thing that fill your self very relax.

Fair: To go  Kuala Lumpur different country different fair. I will tell you to flight fair Delhi to Kuala Lumpur one side is 13,234 Rs per person.

San Francisco, United State of America (Nob Hill)

San Francisco is the best city of the united state of America. If you spend your summer month in the united state of America. San Francisco nob hill is best for you. Nob hills an adventure place and also famous hills in the world where you can walk a long time mountain and you see his natural creation. We are describing some facility of nob hill, San Francisco.

San Francisco, United State of America (Nob Hill)

San Francisco, United State of America (Nob Hill)

Best month for visit summer month is best for the visitor. Tourist can spend so much time on Nob Hill, San Francisco.

The facility in Nob Hill hotels

There are many facilities provide San Francisco nob hotel.

1. Parking

2. Free wifi

3. No smoking rooms

4. Fitness center

5. Restaurant

Fair of Nob Hill hotels

According to your facility, you will charge, but minimum charge for a hotel around 4200 to 8500 Rs for per person. Which nob hotel provide some limited facility.

Paro, Bhutan

All the hill station in the world but Paro hill station is one of the best hill stations or also famous hills in the World. The mountain of Bhutan knows as their calm. Bhutan has an airport which does we know as Paro airport. This airport is very beautiful because the airport situated in the middle of the vast mountain range. When we search the best place on the earth for tourist which we find that part one of them.

Paro, Bhutan

Paro, Bhutan

Paro Airport

The Paro airport is an international airport know the kingdom of Bhutan. It is spread in 6 kilometers and all side of airport are mountain valley and middle point airport is situated.

Suitable month for the visit

Suitable month for visitor or tourist in summer month will be good because the summer month June, July August month temperature is low around 13.c. that is so fantastic temperature for everyone. So I suggest if you want to see Paro above that month is good for you.

Some important fact of Paro

1. Paro is a famous Himalayan Buddhist holy place and temple we know as tiger’s next.

2. It was built by game Tenzin who was the leaders that time in Bhutan’s.

3. Paro has four main temples situated on the top hill.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourn is a capital of Victoriya. Around 4 million people leave. Maximum citizen lives in the nearest east side south Yarra river. Melbourne is a famous city regarding sports. Melbourne have a most beautiful place that is Yarra Valley. If you like to drink wine. yarra valley is the best place for you and also famous hills in the world. It is famous for fresh wine and if you want interested in a move a warm balloon you can move and see all the valley. Almost 80 types of wine available in that place.

The sight of Melbourne Yarra valley hill station

Morning time of Yarra valley is very interested. You can see the whole valley drift over the hot balloon with the seasonal fruit breakfast. In time you can eat a bunch of grapes.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Best visit month  Melbourne in Yarra Valley

If you want to see Melbourne Yarra valley march and November month is suitable for you. March and November month is a season of autumn weather is peasant that time. You can celebrate in this time grape and Grazing festival.

Why Australian Yarra valley is famous?

There are many things available in Australia Yarra Valley. Therefore it is famous I will tell you some important things.

1. Wineries

2. Hot air balloon

3. Black spur drive

4. Coombe Yarra Valley

5. Tarrawarra museum  art

6. Puffing Billy

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is a place in Switzerland. When we talk about the mountain and hills we can’t ignore Switzerland. Switzerland is famous for beautiful mountain or hills. It has the top place in the world beautiful mountains. Zurich has vistas and glorious snow peaks.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Suitable month to visit Zurich

The best visit time in March and may month because that time weather temperature is colling around 12-13 centigrade.

Why Zurich is famous?

Some important factor which Zurich is famous we are described below.

1. For history and culture.

2. You simply enjoy for nature Zurich’s own mountains.

3. The best Zurich nightfall which we can do party all day and night.

4. Revel at a combination of architecture and religion.

Athens, Greece

The best hill station in Athens is one of them is Parnitha mountain located 25 kilometers from Athens in Greece. It is Famous hills in the world. You can see here like as a casino, Panos cave, etc.

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Some beautiful place in Athens

1. Panos cave

2. Cascino

3. Fillies fortress

Comfortable month for visitors

If you want to see the most beautiful pranitha mountain. You can visit for July and August month for a better experience. This season is the rainy day than whether is the peasant and you can fully enjoy that time.  


Above we describe all the things about the best hill station in the world.  I want to tell if you planning to see other places that instead of that place you can see a hill station because over the all-world all hill station is naturally. When once you see these place you will feel very happy yourself.