For centuries, India is a land of undiscovered mystery. If you believe in life, then you must believe in death or if you believe in God then you will also believe in evil. In India there are many Ghost stories that have been mentioned in this piece is being gone to scare the Hell out of you. Whenever it comes to the listing of Haunted Places in India, then there is no better to start with this Country.

Some of the abounded places in India have become places of fun and interest for those people who are fascinated by the supernatural. In India Haunted Places are coming under the spotlight as they have been visited by”supernatural activities” wants to experience or debunk the strange activities occurs in here. Some of Most Haunted Places List is given below, that makes you easier to visit and shortlist.

Bhangarh Fort In Alwar

In India, Rajasthan is stated that is most rated as the Haunted Place. Bhangarh Fort is Located on the Alwar district, Rajasthan. This Fort was built in the 17th century and built by Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh. Bhangarh is Basically famous in the world for its haunts. The story behind for its hauntedness is that there was a Tantrik Singhia Who fell in love with Princess Ratnavati. He uses magic to win over, but the princess is known his plans before, and she gives the order to kill them. But, Before the tantrik dead, he vanished the residents of the fort to die and villages and give dwellers that remain roofless forever.

Agrasen Ki Baoli

That Baoli is awarded as a monument by the Archaeological Survey of India that is under the act of 1958 inAncient Monuments and Archaeological sites. This Baoli is 60 meters long and 15 meter wide located near the Connaught Place, Delhi. There are no historical records that prove that who originally built this Baoli. It is believed that that was built by Agrasen Maharaj, and it was again rebuilt by Agrawal Community in the 14th century.

Tunnel No. 33-Shimla

Tunnel No. 33 is on the route of Kalka-Shimla Railway Line. This tunnel is longest and straight located in the Barog railway station, on Shimla Route. The story behind this tunnel is that a Captain Barog that was a British Engineer, was in charged to built this tunnel but he was failed to built in. Captain was fined, and lastly, he killed himself out of humiliation. Rumored are around that his Spirit is around the tunnel.

Ramoji Film City

This film city is located in Hyderabad, and it is one of biggest film cities in India. But a fact is that it is also a haunted place. The story behind its hauntedness is that this film city is built on the war grounds of Nizam Sultans. In the witnesses say that lights are kept on top keep falling off, the light man who sits on the top and holds. The light is so many times are pushed from the top and many have times they are injured.


This Building is situated in the BBD square in Kolkata, that is widely known for its haunted. This building was built for those people who work for East India Company. But in a natural disaster, this building was collapse or destroy. After that government is rebuilt this building in the same place.The story behind that this building is that, three young freedom fighters whose names are Benoy Basu, Badal Gupta, and Dinesh Gupta are entered in the building and they are brutally killed by Inspector General Colonel N.S Simpson. Peoples says that they have heard Footsteps and voices post of sunset.

Dow Hill In Kurseong

Dow Hill in Kurseong is one of the haunted places in India. That is located on the Darjeeling district, in the West Bengal. In Dow Hill, Dow Hill Girl,s Hostel, and Victoria Boys’High School are some Haunted place in this area. These are most Famous for ghost Sighting. Local in this area say that they have heard the footsteps and a headless boy walk in the woods after the closing hours.

Chandan Nagar-Pune

Chandan Nagar is a small place in Pune. The story behind this place is that a girl was murdered at an under construction site, at an approx 10 years ago. People say that girl has haunted this area and is often seen around at 12 am. People also say that girl is always seen with a doll in her hands and she gives a smile back if you are in case look at her.

Malcha Mahal-Delhi

This Mahal is a Hunting Lodge that dates back to the Tughlaq era. Basically, this Mahal is located in Delhi, India. The story behind that, Princess Wilayat Mahal that are last descendants of the royal family of Oudh, that he does not get back her estate after the independence. After that, she was commit suicide.