There is no matter how you pronounce Fiji or Feejee, the meaning of the word is always the same: The Paradise!

If you think about a Fiji vacation, that is a good idea. The country is famous for its friendly people and heavenly tropical islands. Basically, Fiji is quintessential South Pacific Paradise. Fiji lies to the North-East of the North Island of New Zealand. There are various places you must be seen in your Fiji Vacation trip. In Fiji, there are 110 islands which are inhabited out of 330 islands. The total area of the island is 18,274 sq km.

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The country currency is Fijian Dollar, Fiji has a developed economy due to a large number of forest reserves, natural minerals, and fish resources. The city Suva, on the largest island of Viti Levu, is the capital, and the tourist town of Nadi, on the western side of the island, is Fiji’s main international gateway, that is near to the large resorts of the Coral Coast and Denarau Island. There are many more places, that you should spend in Fiji vacation with your friends and family members. Here are below some list are mention of places that you may select for your Fiji vacation or Fiji Holiday Destination.

Denarau Island

Denarau Island, Fiji

Denarau Island, Fiji

The Island is only 10 km away from Nadi and accessed by a brief causeway. It a perfect place for your Fiji Vacation. In here you will find all the big name hotels and resorts here. Some properties such name as

1. Hilton

2. Westin

3. Sheraton

4. Sofitel

5. Radisson

The Island is a great base for Fiji Vacation or Island days trip and underwater tours. Basically, the Denarau Island get famed for its expansive resorts and accessibility.

Things to do in Denarau Island

Skydive Fiji

Skydive Fiji

1. Big Bula Waterpark (Water park in Denarau Island)

Address: Jayant Rd, Denarau Island, Fiji

Phone: +679 776 5049

2. The Denarau Golf Club (Golf course in Denarau Island)

3. Skydive Fiji (Entertainment in Fiji)

Address: Denarau Road, Nadi, Fiji

Phone: +679 992 4079

Denarau Island Airport

Nadi International Airport

Nadi International Airport

Name:- Nadi International Airport

Address: Nadi, Fiji

Code: NAN

Elevation: 18 m

Serves: Nadi

Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands

This Islands is one of the most famous Islands chains in Fiji. Mamanuca Island is made up of 20 Islands. The Mamanucas islands are just a short plane or ferry ride distance from Denarau and the island of Viti Levu. Island is widely known for its Hollywood location appearances, most notably in the film Cast Away and on the TV show Survivor. The island is the perfect location for your Fiji Vacation to spend your Fiji holiday destination on Mamanuca Island.

Mamanuca Islands Attractions

Malamala Beach Club

Malamala Beach Club

1. Castaway Island (Island in Fiji)

2. Malamala Beach Club (Outdoor Activities, Beach & Pool Clubs)

3. Monuriki (Nature & Parks, Islands)

4. Castaway Island Day Trip (Nature & Parks, Islands)

5. Jet Ski Island Adventures (Tours, Boat Tours & Water Sports, Outdoor Activities)

Mamanuca Islands Resorts

Six Senses Fiji

Six Senses Fiji

1. Six Senses Fiji (5 Star Hotel)

Phone no. +679 666 5028

2. Malolo Island Resort (4 Star Hotel)

Phone no. +679 666 9192

3. Lomani Island Resort (4 Star Hotel)

Phone no. +679 666 8212

4. Musket Cove Island Resort (4-star hotel)

Phone no. +679 666 2215

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Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni Island

That island is the 3rd largest Island in Fiji, withholding the total area of 434 square kilometers (168 square miles). Island is the best spot for your Fiji Vacation, the Taveuni is also known as the “Garden Island of Fiji”. If you are a nature lover, hikers, and birders you may soak up some of Fiji’s lush natural beauty in Bouma National Heritage Park on the island of Taveuni. The park is the key attraction of the Island.

Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni Island

Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni Island

Every traveler has a wish to visit at once the Park. The park is established in the year of 1990 and spread over 150 square kilometers of rainforest. Travelers can tour lush tropical vegetation, and see mountain ridges, volcanic peaks as high as 1,000 feet and tall cliffs overlooking the sea. Some major attraction of park are

1. Tavoro waterfalls

2. Lavena Coast

3. Vidhwa Rainforest

4. Rainbow Reef

5. Gaiatree Sanctuary

Address: Navasua Road, Taveuni Island, Fiji

Phone: +679 992 8034

Taveuni Island Resort

Paradise Taveuni Resort

Paradise Taveuni Resort

1. Taveuni Island Resort & Spa (5 Star Hotel)

Address:- Butukia, Taveuni

Phone no. +679 888 0441

2. Paradise Taveuni Resort (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- South Taveuni Road, Navaca, Taveuni Island

Phone no. +679 888 0125

3. Garden Island Resort (3 Star Hotel)

Address:- Waiyevo, Coastal Road, Taveuni Island East

Phone no. +679 888 0286

Taveuni Airport

Matei Airport

Matei Airport

Name:- Matei Airport

Address: Fiji

Code: TVU

Phone: +679 672 5777

Serves: Matei, Taveuni

Levuka, Fiji

Levuka, Fiji

Levuka, Fiji

In Fiji, that place is one of the few places in south pacific that has retained its colonial buildings. Along with the main street, timber shop-fronts straight out of a Hollywood western are sandwiched between the blue sea and fertile green mountains. That place is lush with rainforests, majestic peaks and incredible natural diversity and beauty that are hard to ignore to your Fiji Vacation.

You may discover in Levuka such as

1. Mountains of Namosi

2. Rafting down the Navua River

3. Visiting the village of Navala

4. Going to a night party

5. Discovering the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Levuka Hotels

The Wakaya Club & Spa

The Wakaya Club & Spa

1. The Wakaya Club & Spa (3 Star Hotel)

Address:- Wakaya Island, Fiji

Phone no. +679 344 8128

2. Naigani Island Resort (3 Star Hotel)

Levuka airport

Name:- Levuka Airfield

Code: LEV

Operator: Airports Fiji Limited

Serves: Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji

Coral Coast, Fiji

The place is a wide band of coral offshore gives this stretch of coast between Korotogo and Pacific Harbour its name. I think you can’t miss this large coral reef just off the mainland, which provides endless opportunities for underwater exploration on your Fiji Vacation.

Coral Coast, Fiji

Coral Coast, Fiji

Nowadays, that place is well known for its family-friendly resorts, hotels, and popular backpackers. That place is also home to many local villages where you can get a glimpse of the real Fiji. You may get yourself so relaxed in this place, coral coast is also counting as one most peaceful place in Fiji. So you may also choose that place in your Fiji Vacation and spend some days in that place.

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Coral Coast Fiji Attractions

Kula Wild Adventure Park

Kula Wild Adventure Park

1. Biausevu Waterfall (Nature & Parks, Waterfalls)

2. Kula Wild Adventure Park (Nature & Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas)

3. Natadola Beach (Outdoor Activities, Nature & Parks, Beaches)

4. Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park (Nature & Parks, National Parks)

Coral Coast Fiji Resorts

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

1. The Warwick Fiji (5 Star Hotel)

Address:- Via Queen’s Road, Korolevu, Coral Coast, Viti Levu, Fiji

Phone no. +679 653 0555

2. Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort (5 Star Hotel)

Hotel Location:- Sydney Drive, Off The Queens Highway, Sigatoka, Fiji

Phone no. +679 650 0044

3. Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa, Yanuca (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- Yanuca Island, Sigatoka, Fiji

Phone no. +679 652 0155

4. Wellesley Resort (4 Star Hotel)

Address:- Namaqumaqua, Fiji


Fiji is well known by its islands and beautiful beaches in the whole world. If you making a plan for Fiji vacation and spend some days with your family and friends that is good. But if you confuse to the selection of your Fiji holiday destination then don’t take so much bother, above are some list of places are mention that should help to select your Fiji vacation destination.