South Africa is a country that is located in the southernmost part of the African Continent, Basically, South Africa is Known as Republic Of South Africa (RSA).RSA is Covered by South by 2,798 Kilometers and 1,739 miles of coastline of Southern Africa Stretching towards through the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. South Africa is Share its border with many countries in northern Namibia, Botswana, And Zimbabwe or in the east and northeast by Mozambique and Swaziland and it also surrounded the kingdom of Lesotho. In Southern Africa, South Africa is Largest country and 25th largest country by land area. This country is 24th largest populate country with the close people to 56 million.

South Africa is comprised of two nation encompassing a wide variety of cultures, Languages, and religions.

Here are some ways that help to explore South Africa.

The Great cape road trip

South Africa is the Best Destination for those people love the freedom of travel in open road and lives his life at own pace. There is a Road trip that takes you from Cape town City Through the route 62 into Semiarid Klein Karoo.

Traversing through Various mountains passes before looping down to the Garden Route, this Route is basically famous for its wildflowers, with an interesting mix of night halts before returning through to the coast of the city.

After your halting the trip, you begin your road trip heading east of Eastern Cape Safari Region, or in the North that twisted rocks and also the Red Desert in Northern Cape.

This Road trip gives you a great refreshment in your life and it also gives some exotic memories that you should never forget.

Tasting The Terrior

Cape Town is port or a coastal city in South Africa, This city is the second most populous city in South Africa after Johannesburg. Cape Town is also the Capital or Primate city of the western cape province. This city is one of the oldest Urban Area in South Africa, that was first introduced by Dutch East India Company, as a supply Station for Dutch ships sailing to East Africa, India, and far East.

Cape Town is covered by beautiful mountains and valleys those are producing Wines those make a remarkable different character. The choice of the amount is too, that more than 150 wine estates in stellenbosch alone. Tasting rooms and restaurants are easily available, who holds the historic 17th century Cape Dutch estates to glass boxes cantilevered over vineyards, those are converted into barns to glamorous fire-lit dens.

Wildlife Safari

South Africa offers a Variety of Riding Safari. In South Africa, there is one of most wildlife safari destination that is “Kruger National Park”.This Park is one of the most exciting African Safari destinations. This park also the one of the largest game reserve in Africa. It introduced in 1926 as the first National Park in South Africa.

Kruger National park basically in two provinces of South African that is Limpopo and second is Mpumalanga. In North that is Zimbabwe and in East Mozambique. This park has nine main gates that allow to entering in many campuses. In this park you see Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo, You will discover a Unique wildlife in a real Safari on South Africa.

Flower Season In Cape

In the Season of flowers, Capetown sends A blanket of blooms towards the nature and reserves of the western cape from Start August to mid-September. In South Africa, there are many Flowers hot spots in below there are some as.

1. Elgin open Garden

This garden Display more than 10,000 blooms is on show annually in the Elgin Grabouw country club. These gardens hold many features like craft stalls, beer gardens, apple gardens and many more.

2. Darling Wild Flower Show

This garden is concentrate with the beauty of 1200 Species of flora occurs in a quaint little town Darling. In this garden, the 80 species are endemic to the western cape.

3. Hopefield Fynbos Show

Hopefield garden shows the total capacity of that is 500 species of fynbos.when the Beautiful spring daisies that appear after the winter rains in the time between August and September. In the Hopefield there is a Beer Garden and also an animal petting area.

Adventure on Rail

There is something new in South Africa is that Adventure on Rail. There are three parts that 

1. Pride of Africa (Aka Rovos)

2. Stalwart Blue Train

3. Shongololo Express

Railway travel in South Africa is the best Adventure trip and gives you a way to explore Africa. Aka Rovos Rail service is operating one of the best routes that deep into the heartlands of Boer War. Tracing Winston Churchill’s footsteps in the time of conflict. The Adventure of Rail in South Africa will take in most stirring landscapes with unparalleled insight into the African’s history.